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The entire film clip (the US version anyway) is shots of the band playing on stage, intercut with sporting bloopers, Wide World Of s style. As a kid, I loved it. The clip is the music video equivalent of Funniest Home Videos and if Dire Straits hadn’t done it, I’m sure someone else would have.

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As far as the so called « no go zones » of Paris mentioned earlier this year in some American media, let’s be clear: they do not exist. Not for religious, race nor otherwise crappy reasons. The only places to avoid are the obvious ones in any city of the world.

Good job, Mike, holding the fort in Vic’s absence. Wilson, James Starks and Andrew Quarless all have in common? Answer: All will be free agents after this season. My question is, with a flattish cap, should we be concerned about the long term continuity of the core of the team? Or can most of them realistically be re signed.